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You have to submit an ad by 6 pm, but someone deleted the photo you need. You grasp for air while your heart skips a beat...

Your company will be placing an ad in a monthly magazine. You have to submit the ad by 6 pm today. You need a high resolution photo of your best product, so you go to the shared folder on the server to get it. That's when you realize someone deleted the photo you need without your permission. You grasp for air while your heart skips a beat. You need get a copy from backup and you need it now.

This is a common situation in any office. Our server support Rancho Cucamonga service is designed to help our clients with this type of scenario. When this happens, our clients don't need to panic. They just need to call us. We'll come over ASAP to fix the issue and to figure out how to prevent it in the future. Contact us for a free assessment today.

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