Outsourcing Service

Some businesses need to outsource their IT department for one reason or another. Usually, there just isn’t enough work or money to justify a full-time person. When this happens, an on-call IT vendor would be the best option. An on-call vendor would go onsite to perform specific tasks when one or more problems occur. However, some business may need something more. They may need someone to manage some or all areas of IT; not just specific problems. In such cases, an on-call vendor would not be the best option.

Our outsourcing service is designed to deal with these types of scenarios. The clients who sign up for this service can offload a portion of or all of their IT responsibilities to us. We would directly handle employees’ requests, plan upgrades, track inventory, manage the IT vendors, subscription and contract renewals, and handle all other areas of IT. We would also be there on a recurring weekly basis like a regular part-time employee, but we would also be on-call in case a problem occurs outside of our recurring appointment. The clients who use this service would get the flexibility of having a part-time employee that can manage everything and an on-call vendor that only fixes the system when problems occur.

With this service, our clients no longer worry about their own IT. With the entire IT offloaded to us, our clients can focus on what they do best which is to improve their own business.

Please contact us for if you are in need of our outsourcing service.