Preventive Maintenance Service

Everyone assumes a computer system is working correctly when there are no problems or error messages. However, a malfunctioning device rarely fails immediately. In most cases, there is time period between when a devices starts to malfunction and when it actually fails. During which, users may not experience any significant issues. The device itself will log warnings in its own log file. This process will continue until someone checks the log file to discover the problem or the device fails. In most cases, the latter is when the problem will be discovered.

Our preventive maintenance service is designed to deal with this situation. For clients who sign up for this service, we will check their computer system on a recurring basis to make sure everything is running as it should. We will notify the client if anything is discovered in the process and then help the client address the problem before a failure occurs. This will help minimize unknown surprises and help keep the client’s system running smoothly.

Our clients who sign up for our maintenance service can feel secure about their own system. They don’t need to worry about an unknown failing device disrupting their operations. They can just stay focused on running their own business instead of potential computer problems.

Please contact us for if you are in need of our preventive maintenance service.