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We think a computer system is like a car. When it is designed and built well, you should not need to see the mechanic that often. If you are logging a lot of support calls to your IT vendor to fix things, then that might be an indication of a system-wide design or implementation flaw that needs to be addressed. Perhaps it is time for a second opinion.

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Success stories


90-user manufacturing company (2007 to present)

Computer problem: This client had application crashes for many years until we fixed it for them.

Status: FIXED


300-user high school (2009 - present)

Computer problem: This client had a slow system. PCs took a long time to boot and programs took even longer to open. We were able to fix it for them permanently.

Status: FIXED


Read why clients stay with us for more than 10 years. 

The Alhambra Chamber of Commerce (2005 to present)

In the thirteen years that we have worked with Michael, we have found him to be reliable, effective, and available. 

Sharon Gibbs

300-user middle and high school client (2016 to present)

Michael would be an asset to any institution and would offer leadership and guidance all areas of technology. I strongly recommend him for any institution because of his professionalism, intelligence and morals.

Navy P


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About us


About us in Irwindale, CA

The owner has a long history with Irwindale. When the owner worked for another consulting company, he serviced his boss' clients in neighboring areas like Azusa. There was a company that produced industrial pumps over by 8th street and another company that produced fresh poultry for the Asian community over there as well.

When visiting these clients, the owner use to eat lunch at the McDonalds on Irwindale Avenue. This was well before Farmer Boy's was even next door to McDonalds. The owner loves Farmer Boys. Although he will never admit it now, we all know he still stops by Farmer Boys on Irwindale when there is heavy traffic on the 210 or 10 freeways. 

We are always within striking distance of Irwindale. If you work in Irwindale and need help with computers, servers, or a network, give us a call. The owner might just be at Farmer Boys when you do.

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Why Us?

  • Relationships: Nothing says trust more than a long-term relationship.Many of our clients have been with us for 10+ years.

  • Business-only: We only handle business systems;

  • Experience: 19+ years of business IT experience.

  • Expertise: 100+ businesses served; and

  • Knowledge: Microsoft and Cisco certifications.


Our IT services in Irwindale, CA

IT Consulting in Irwindale, CA

Need to figure out what is the best solution for your problem? Our consulting service can help.

IT Support in Irwindale, CA

Need help to with on-going day-to-day problems, changes, and other issues? Our IT support service can help.


Preventive Irwindale, in Irwindale, CA

Need help making sure there are no hidden problems waiting to happen? Our preventive maintenance service can help.

Outsourcing in Irwindale, CA

Need someone to run your IT department? Our outsourcing service can help.


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