10-user telecom management client (2005 - present)

The client’s story

In 2005, this client hired us to setup their first office server and network for their new business. We implemented a system that met all of their requirements. After we completed this tasks, they continued to call on us to perform routine system maintenance and scheduled upgrades. They are still our client today and they continue to use the same system we implemented many years ago. The below is a description of the deployment of their first server and network.

Case Study - first server and network


They just opened a new business that helps large telephone companies maintain cellular sites. Their employees were here in Los Angeles as well as abroad. Initially, they just setup a hosted email system with Godaddy and then shared their Quickbooks data files, Excel spreadsheets, maps, and other shared data via email. The problem was the shared data became larger and larger. Soon the shared data exceeded the maximum size for email attachments. They needed their own system but were unsure how to approach this on their own. 


We helped them setup a server in their office that would allow them to store and share data. We also setup their server to host their own corporate email system. This allowed all of their data to reside in their office. Since their employees are here in LA as well as abroad, we configured remote access for them as well. This allowed their users to access their email and shared data from anywhere.


This gave the client the freedom to run their business from anywhere. They could give their maintenance crews access to data while on the road or at the cell sites. They could allow their customer service staff in Asia to access and maintain customer info. It allowed the owners to access data when meeting with T-Mobile and other clients.