About us

MC Computer Consulting, Inc is an IT consulting company located in Alhambra, California that specializes in implementing proactive solutions and services for business systems with 10 to 100 users. The company is owned and operated by Michael Chan who in year 1997 started in IT by managing a Novell server and Windows 98 PCs at his father's business. Michael eventually moved onto IT consulting. In 2000, he started his IT consulting career at a small consulting company in Walnut, California. This is where Michael learned the ins and outs of the consulting business. 

Part of the consulting business was and still is to fix things after a failure. Michael started to see how this approach was inefficient for common failures. He believed the best way was to anticipate common problems and to implement fixes before these problems every occurred. Michael shared his ideas with his employer, but Michael’s employer did not want to deviate from their standard approach. This was when Michael Chan saw an opportunity to offer clients with a different approach. 

In 2006, he created MC Computer to offer clients in the San Gabriel Valley with proactive solutions and services. These solutions and services reduced the number of common problems and thus reduced downtime. Less downtime allowed MC Computer’s clients to focus on their businesses instead of computer problems.

Mission Statement

To help businesses identify and eliminate computer problems and vulnerabilities, so that each of our clients can focus on their own business instead of computer problems.