90-user manufacturing client (2007 - present)

“He is very efficient, experienced, intelligent, enthusiastic and most available. He goes above and beyond the call of duty to make sure the assigned project gets finished in a timely manner and to our complete satisfaction.”

- Kevin S

400-user education client (2009 - present)

With every visit, you brought along your professionalism. It is also very helpful when you explain the reasons for this or that to a client so that they can understand the process. You are a pleasure to work with. I am looking forward to our next project… the email... once funds become available.

- Navy P

10-user finance client (2005 - present)

You have helped us transition our focus of putting out daily system fires to focusing on our business goals. A trouble free system is the first step to success.

— Cecilia K

35-user engineering client (2012 - present)

We needed a professional IT, and Michael was the one for us. Michael has made our office a top notch production machine!   He made the best recommendations necessary for our needs and he has exceeded our expectations.  He's been there when we are in a crunch, explains everything in detail and gives us the best value for our needs.  Thank you Michael!

- Tracy M