Preventive Maintenance

Just like anything else, routine maintenance is an important part to ensuring proper operation and reducing costs. Just like your car needs recurring oil changes and diagnostic inspection of your filters, brakes, tires, etc, your computer system also needs recurring checks to maximize its life, performance and reliability.    

Our preventive maintenance service is designed to keep our clients’ systems running optimally for as long as possible by doing three things. First, we will review all recent logs for key components and services in the system to determine if any problems exist. Second, we will determine if hardware or software upgrades are needed. Using components that are passed their end of life is a failure waiting to happen. Lastly, if problems exist or if upgrades are needed, we will provide our clients with recommended options on how to address the problem(s), risk factors with each option, and costs associated with each option. This will allow our clients to make an informed decision about their system and to prevent small problems from becoming major disasters.

Whether it is a car or a computer system, problems can either be dealt with when they are small and inexpensive to address or when they are big and expensive to fix. A preventive maintenance check will help to limit major disasters which can maximize a system’s life, performance and reliability while reducing major costs.