Case Study 3

10-user finance client (2005 - present)

This company's system was poor at best. If someone turned off a computer, that computer could no longer connect back to the server, Internet, or printers. Also, the server was a clone PC with one hard drive. If that drive failed, there would be a complete data loss. The only backup they had was for WinPoint which was a very popular loan software and Quickbooks. All other data was not backed up.

The below is a brief summary of the system before us and the system under our management:


  • Had a PC acting as server
  • Instability in network - couldn’t turn off agent PCs or the PCs could not be reconnected to server
  • Had no central authentication system
  • Had no centralized antivirus system
  • Had no backup
  • no UPS battery system
  • no remote access


  • Upgraded to a Dell PowerEdge server;
  • Fixed all of the incorrectly configured network settings to bring about stability back to the network;
  • Added Active Directory Services for centralized authentication;
  • Added Symantec corporate antivirus;
  • Added a backup and disaster recovery plan; 
  • Added a UPS battery system; and
  • add Citrix for secure remote access.